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  • Jennifer Richard
    Posted Dec, 20 2019
    I rarely leave bad reviews but I feel as though this situation was sever enough for me to do so in order to prevent other parents from having similar experiences. About six months ago I brought my then 2 year old daughter Lily in for a check-up. The hygienist that saw her was named Jessica. My daughter did well for the first part of the check up, but towards the end she start getting fussy. Jessica spoke to my 2 year in a very rude manner, with a stern and forceful voice as though she was in a rush and did not have the time nor patience to handle the situation. She told her "You NEED to sit still!" "There are babies that do better than you!" She was cold and showed no regard for the fact that she was working with a 2 year old.

    They were very busy that day so I tried to justify it as she was just flustered and in a rush. I decided to give her a second chance and brought my daughter back in today for another check up. Today, we were the only ones in the back room as they were very slow and therefore, should have not been in any kind of rush.

    Again, we had Jessica as our hygienist. Today she was even more so rude, impatient, and forceful with my young child. My daughter sat through having her teeth cleaned without moving at all. It wasn't until she started polishing with paste that my daughter began choking on the excess paste and spit that Jessica began forcefully telling her to "STOP moving!" She again told her (just as last time) that "There are babies that do better than you, you are too old to be moving like this!" My daughter was chocking on the paste and began to spit up. Jessica then said, "That is DISGUSTING! You just spit on me!"

    At this point my daughter had turned her head away from Jessica. She forcefully grabbed each side of my daughters face which her fingers digging into her cheeks and pulled her face back towards her saying "You need to STOP turning your head!"

    I immediately picked my daughter up and politely told her that we were done and we would be going somewhere else. She replied with "Well she can't spit in my face like that, it's disgusting."

    This woman does not have the patience to be working with children. My 3 year old did not purposefully spit in her face. She was chocking on the paste and began spitting up. The fact that she felt it was OK to speak to my 3 year old the way she did, and then forcefully grab her face is completely unacceptable.

    I have filed a complain with the main corporate headquarters and plan to follow-up with them to make sure my complain was taken seriously. I hope that this review helps as a warning to other parents.

    - Jennifer Richard

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